vr 13 januari - 19:30

Agenda, Film

Transitie Cinema “2040 – Join the Regeneration” | 13 JANUARI

Transitie Cinema documentary evenings take place monthly at Het Koorenhuis. Each documentary is followed by a Q&A with experts on the topic or a workshop.

First of all we hope you are enjoying the holidays and wish you the very best for 2023! But while in January the days are cold and short, we hope to meet you at our event to share our warmth and happiness. An event to not only consider 2023, but also about our future in 2040 with a documentary and workshop at Het Koorenhuis.

Imagine the world in 2040. To build a new economy we first must dare to dream. We need to create images of the world we want. That is why we partner with the world’s best science-based communication efforts. 2040 – Join The Regeneration is the unique uplifting documentary film by Damon Gameau. The documentary featuring Paul Hawken (Project Drawdown) and Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) integrates the ideas in Drawdown and Doughnut Economics. The documentary uses existing and proven climate solutions to show what a regenerative future could look like – and positively activates the world into climate action.

Dinner – 18.00u
Start documentary – 19.30u
Workshop – 22.00u

Visiting the documentary and the workshop is free. You don’t have to sign up.  Take a note that for the TransitieCinema Dinner you should buy a ticket at least 48 hours in advance!