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International Film Festival The Hague | 11 en 12 NOVEMBER

The city of peace and justice will host the fifth season of International Film Festival The Hague in November 2023 with the theme “PEOPLE & PERSPECTIVES”.

The International Film Festival The Hague is gearing up for its 5th edition, set to take place at Het Koorenhuis and Filmhuis Den Haag from the 10th to the 12th of November in 2023. This milestone edition promises to be a cinematic extravaganza with its overarching theme of “People and Perspectives” taking center stage.

This year’s festival will serve as a global platform for meaningful storytelling, featuring carefully curated films hailing from over 80 countries. These films will delve into contemporary topics that resonate not only with the Dutch society but also with audiences worldwide. Themes such as the enduring repercussions of war, the pressing issue of mental health challenges – especially among the younger generation – and explorations of heritage will be featured.

The festival will also be graced by the presence of Dirk Gunther Mohr, a celebrated Dutch actor. Audiences will have the privilege of getting a chance to meet the actor in person.

This festival isn’t just about watching films; it’s a chance to connect with the filmmakers themselves. Expect to meet and interact with talented filmmakers from various corners of the world, gaining insights into their creative processes and the stories behind their films. Workshops and Q&As in addition to the film screenings provide good opportunities for this.


What makes this edition truly exceptional are its unconventional categories. “Mysteries of Souls” will invite viewers on an ethereal journey into the afterlife, followed by a Q&A session with Hollywood director, Richard Martini, and quantum consciousness expert, Peter Smith. Another standout event is the screening of a film dedicated to global peace, showcasing the tireless efforts of the renowned philanthropist, Sri M. Following the screening, there will be a unique opportunity for the audience to engage in a Q&A session with Sri M himself.
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When: 11th and 12th of November
Times: all day
Where: Het Koorenhuis Grote Zaal


  • normal rate: 11 euros
  • day pass: 20 euros

Tickets and info:


Saturday November 11th

11.00 – 12.20 | Block 1 | Shades of Green

12.35 – 13.50 | Block 2 | Youth Affairs

14.05 – 15.25 | Block 3 | Mind Matters

15.40 – 17.15 | Block 4 | Roots and Future

17.30 – 19.00 | Block 5 | Let’s Dance and Be Emotional!

19.15 – 21.15 | Block 6 | Mysteries of Souls



Sunday November 12th

10.30 – 12.30 | Block 7 | Global Peace

12.45 – 14.05 | Block 8 | IFFH Shorts!

14.20 – 15.50 | Block 9 | Rights and Fights

16.05 – 17.35 | Block 10 | Threads of Time

17.50 – 19.25 | Block 11 | Challenges and Hope