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The idea of creating a flamenco choir in The Hague comes as a result of the interest and enthusiasm that I have perceived from people who come to my concerts and their wish to learn this music, aswell as from my own enthusiasm to continue sharing the culture that I grew up with in a closer way. 

In general, flamenco is a difficult subject, specially for beginners, who sometimes feel shy on facing subjects like ‘singing’. For this reason I’d like to propose a more affordable way to learn flamenco through group classes. I consider that these classes bring not only knowledge of the singing styles, rhythms, etc, but benefit the coexistence between different cultures and develop many skills such as improvisation, creativity, cooperation and socialization, as well as way to help to learn or improve a new language. 

Take this experience as a vehicle to express your emotions! Once the lesson is finished, the students are always welcomed to the reception, which is an ideal place for having a tea or wine and discuss about doubts or questions. 

María Marín was born in one of the cities where flamenco has its own seal, ‘Utrera’. Maria believes she can contribute a lot to this project, not only by her singing knowledge but also by her experience as a guitarist, since she is a Master graduated in Classical Guitar by ‘The Royal Conservatory of The Hague’. In addition to her flamenco singing, she also was part of the ‘Joven Coro de Andalucía (JCA)’ as a lyric soprano for several years and assiduously invited as a flamenco singing teacher by the Codarts Conservatory – University for the Arts, Rotterdam. 

This choir is designed for everyone who wants to learn flamenco at any age. You must need to be willing to learn and have fun!

September 7, 21, October 26, November 2, 9,16  23 & 30, December 7 & 14.  link

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