Solo Latin Dance for Beginners

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Solo Latin Dance for Beginners

Latin Dance is a part of Dancesport and is very popular all around the world. It stands for five dances: Cha cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble, and Jive. It is mainly associated with competitive partner dancing. However, it can also be done individually on an amateur level. During our classes, we will not only learn the steps of individual dances but also the basics of dancing, body posture and artistry. Latin dance is a unique mix of sport and art, and every class equals a full-body workout. It is highly aesthetic and consists of elegant and sensual movements. Moreover, every class is accompanied by a selection of classics of Latin-American and Bossa nova music. During our classes, all participants, regardless of age and skills, will improve their physical shape and mental well-being, relax and have fun.

Classes are given by Sandra Kishko, a dancer from Ukraine. Several years of competitive Dancesport career enabled Sandra to share her experience, knowledge, and above all, love for this dance discipline. Her goal is to popularize the wonderful world of Latin Dance and create classes that make dancers break away from everyday life, feel energized, powerful and happy.

Classes take place in room 0.10 every Monday from 19.00 till 20.00. All classes are taught in English. Suitable for all participants 16+ years of age. No previous dance skills are needed to start your Latin Dance journey. For more information regarding classes, dates and prices, please contact Sandra.


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