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Forró is music, dance, culture, and history, which was originally born out of the ethnicity mix in the rural Northeast of Brazil. Forró is danced in pairs in a closed embrace, but because there are no fixed dance partners, it is a very open community for anyone to join. Many turns and specific footwork are also possible, but the most important aspect is to comfortably enjoy dancing to the music together.

We offer weekly classes on Tuesday evening, given in blocks of 6 weeks for two levels: Beginner I and II. Both classes last one hour, and at the end of the evening, there is time for guided practice. Furthermore, we organize monthly parties with a live Forró band, usually on the third Friday of the month. The typical Forró band is composed of a zabumba, an accordion, and a triangle. The parties are often accompanied by workshops of well-known international Forró teachers at the intermediate level, as well as a crash course for absolute beginners right before the party starts. The Forró Den Haag team is working to promote this amazing dance and our goal is to inspire more people and build a community in Den Haag.

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